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The Smart Building Group is a search and talent acquisition firm dedicated exclusively to the Smart Building Automation Industry. We only represent candidates that have achieved measurable success and are peer reviewed in the top 20% of their department, functional group, or respective peer group. We are just as selective with the companies we serve, striving to create lasting partnerships with privately held companies that have the same burning desire as us to remain role models in the marketplace by committing to excellence in everything they do, including the talent they hire. Our clients understand that people are its greatest asset, and they count on us to cherry pick the top talent that will help them exceed their goals.

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Committed to Excellence

The Smart Building Group is committed to excellence in everything we do, never settling for mediocrity. We operate with utmost integrity and deliver on all of our commitments. Our mission is to partner with like-minded companies and top talent to help them achieve their goals by building long term relationships based on trust, professionalism and results. We don't believe their is another search firm who knows this industry and can provide better service than us.

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Please be Advised 

Our group works old school. We have no interest in who is actively looking; you can find those people on your own. Our job is to find those who are buried in excellence, knocking the cover off the ball for YOUR COMPETITION. We select candidates based on a professional vetting by their peers, not by their aggressive availability and personal advertisements. We are specialist recruiters that industry leaders hire to cherry pick their top talent. 

When you are finally fed up with job boards, and you have already hired numerous staffing providers only to find out that they sent you the same garbage resumes pulled off of  Monster, Career Builder and Indeed, then it's time to call us. Not all firms are created equal and we are prepared to proove it to you. 

By having a singular focus on our niche, we have built an extensive network and developed close relationships with the pool of passive candidates and "A-Players" that are not looking. These candidates are never found on the job boards, and are happy where they are at. 

These people have confidentially shared their career goals with us, and we have the unique ability to make them aware of your opportunity as a potential advancement in their career. We also have the experience, knowledge, and skills to predatory source the top candidates from your competitors, that is of course if we don't already know them. 

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